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All things Stellie Doodles!

Join me as I reflect on my experiences in all things puppy!

a dog sitting

Raising Kids and Puppies!

I am care taker.  Kids, students, dogs, and puppies.  It is at the core of what I am here to do, and I consider it my greatest work.  Wether I am caring for my own children, the young minds and hearts of those children in my classroom, or my sweet puppies which I adore, I am happiest when I am caring for others and for that I am loved and fulfilled.  

Blogging about my life is not the most natural thing since by nature I am more of a listening than a talker.  I think that is in part why I enjoy my dogs and puppies so much. This is however a creative outlet where I do enjoy letting my words and experiences flow to an audience that hopefully appreciates them.  Join in my experiences as a mom, teacher, and breeder. 

I take the care of our moms and puppies very seriously.  Our dogs receive the best in care and nutrition.  I go above andbeyond to enhance their curriculum so that you will have a well socialized, ready to acclimate into your home life puppy.  This includes a variety of exposures.  They are handled by many different people of many different ages, put on an eating and sleeping schedule and will be started on crate and potty training!  You are welcome :) It is what I love to do!
Cute Little Puppies with Ribbon
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