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Health Guarantee for Piece of Mind!

Our dogs are health screened and genetically clear from carrying diseases that affect this breed.  The health of our dams, sires, and puppies is vital to us.  Please click below to read the health guarantee we offer for our puppies.

bernedoodle puppy with a flower

Health Guarantee of Our Puppies

Click the below button to view our guarantee/contract. 

Our designer doodles are top-of-the-line. Each parent has been carefully selected for our breeding standards- beauty, temperament, and  grace. 

I am proud to say that we take the health of our dams and puppies very seriously. They are fed the best diet and receive the best care here in our home as well as by a veterinarian. They are a piece of our heart for sure! 

Your future best friend is just a click away – Take the first step today!
Cute Little Puppies with Ribbon
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