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Get to know our health checked, well tempered puppy parents.  Our dams live inside of our home and are part of our family.  They do not live in a kennel or sepeate building.  They  give birth to their puppies in our home where I hand deliver each one.  We pride ourselves on raising one litter at a time to offer our puppies the best care and extensive curriculum work.  This sets them up to be the optimal puppy for you to welcome into your family!

dog with ribbon on its neck

Puppy Parents

Our puppy parents are health check and have wonderful dispositions.  They are beautiful dogs with excellent conformation! 


Ruby is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She is the sweetest girl with the most gentle disposition. She loves to be outdoors and is extremely loyal and loving.
She has excellent lineage with European lines. She is health tested and has a clear genetic panel, something that is very important in this breed!

bernese mountain dog named ruby


Bella is our F1 Bernedoodle and has a clear genetic profile. She is devoted to her family and lives her life with passion. This sweet girl is a caretaker of those around her, she is not only beautiful but extremely smart. 

bernedoodle dog named bella


Jack is a handsome AKC miniature poodle. He has a wonderful square confirmation, and is very loving! Belly rubs are his favorite! He is the perfect combination of looks and personality.

Villa Pine Hit the jackpot - 2_edited.png

Hendrix is an AKC registered miniature poodle. He has a clear genetic panel and makes gorgeous puppies. He has an even temperament that fits our breeding standard.



miniature poodle named hendrix

-Moyen Poodle

"Ranger" is an AKC Moyen Poodle Stud (25lbs, 17"). Ranger always makes heads turn when we are out an about! He has unique colors, lovely square structure AND an amazing temperament! He can go from snuggling on the sofa to tagging along for a long walk.  

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Cute Little Puppies with Ribbon
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