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Make One Of Our Darling Puppies Yours!

Thank you for visiting, we have a few reservable spots available for “Bella’s Blooms” our spring miniature bernedoodle litter.

Bernedoodle Dog

Buttercup is Available!


Litter Announcement! 

The anticipation is over as Bella's Blooms, the delightful spring litter of miniature Bernedoodles, has officially arrived! With tails wagging and tiny paws pitter-pattering, these adorable bundles of joy have brought a new sense of warmth and joy to our home. Born amidst the blooming flowers of spring, each puppy is a testament to the beauty of new beginnings and the boundless love of our beloved F1 Bernedoodle, Bella.

See the puppies below and reserve your miniature Bernedoodle NOW!

* Our mini Bernedoodles will go home May 4th.

Bella’s Blooms is our upcoming litter of miniature bernedoodles. There is nothing like a puppy in the springtime, it is the perfect time to potty train and go for walks!
Cute Little Puppies with Ribbon
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