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Stellie Doodles and Berners of PA Blog!

Hi, my name is Nicole! Welcome to Stellie Doodles and Berners of Central, PA!

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our litter of mini Bernedoodles. What an amazing opportunity it was to be their caretaker. I loved every minute!

I am so proud of this litter! The even temperaments that we produced along with the coat colorings were exactly what I was aiming for. Here are a few basics that went into planning.

Parent pairing- I found a great stud that I wanted to use for our Bella. That means he was calm and had a friendly disposition. He also had the color traits that I knew would give me tri and phantom colored puppies! ✔️✔️ The only problem was he was quite far away- road trip time! Hendrix here we come and off we went! The journey was worth it!

Now the wait! We were so excited for our puppies. The room was ready!

Bella had her fresh groom to prepare for welping. I had all the necessary supplies purchased! I had all the "just in case" items nearby- just in case! We were officially ready for puppies!

Bella is such a loving girl. She wants to be close to is all of the time. I knew she would be a great momma, and she was the best! I hand delivered and dried each puppy. After that she kept her babies well fed and her welping area pristine!

Having puppies in our home was such a gift. There were so many teachable moments for our children. They helped a lot but it never felt like work. It was just caring for Bella and her puppies, it was a joy!


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